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Teachem Terms of Use

General Terms of use Statement for

Viewing of pages on's Website
All pages on's website are supplied in good faith and whilst all steps are taken to
supply accurate information we will not be liable for any loss consequential or otherwise however caused.
Our email, linking and privacy policies are outlined in separate documents.

All pages are copyright including design, layout and content and are the intellectual property of They may not be reproduced or copied without permission in writing.
Not withstanding the above statement material supplied by third parties for use on this website are subject
to copyright by their respective owners including any Trademarks and Logos.

Advertising: accepts advertising on the understanding that when the visitor leaves this website
to visit another website we no longer have any responsibility for content of the advertisers website. We
also try to ensure that the advertisement is honest but cannot be held liable for inaccuracies or misleading

Advertised Products: does NOT sell any product other than web space for advertising
On our site we may provide links or banners to products we feel might be of interest to our visitors. For this we might
receive a commission as an introductory fee.
We are not however agents or have any legal connection binding us with these companies.
All purchases made by following links from's website are a contract between
the purchaser and the company that supplies the goods or services. therefore cannot be held liable for any loss consequential or otherwise for failure
on either party to complete their obligations under any such contract.
In the event of a dispute however we will try to help settle the issue but offer no guarantees that we will
be able to do anything at all.

Any prices displayed on's web pages are for guidance only.
They also might not include shipping, sales taxes or other extras.
They DO NOT constitute an offer to sell at the price indicated.
Visitors MUST get the current price from the website of the supplier.

Miscellaneous: whilst trying to maintain a service to the general public and its advertisers can not
however guarantee the availability of it's website.
We also have to comply with the terms and conditions of our Hosting company and may have discontinue
all or part of our site to comply with our Hosting company contract.
In the event of such changes or non availability cannot be held liable for any loss
or consequential loss caused.

This site's design and contents are the intellectual property of and are 2003,2004. Also any logos, trademarks, photos and content of our contributors are copyright and the property of the respective contributor and must not be copied or reproduced without permission.