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First Episode which airs on Channel 4 for the first time on Tuesday the 4th April 2006 at 9pm.

The school gates re-open for the third series of BAFTA-nominated That'll Teach 'Em , and this time it's boys versus girls as 30 bright children are transported back to a 1950s grammar school and divided into single-sex classes.

Britain's boys are failing at school, lagging behind the girls in their GCSEs by up to 10%.
Could a dose of traditional single-sex education buck the trend?
Nowhere is the crisis for boys more apparent than in science.

Radical changes to the curriculum have seen the smells and bangs of practical experimentation increasingly replaced by computers and coursework. Half as many boys as used to now study sciences at 'A' level.

Boys Versus Girls puts the emphasis on the practical: can some old-style teaching reignite a passion for the sciences?

Thrown in at the deep end, lessons begin immediately and it's not just the 1950s teaching methods and curriculum that are a shock to the system.
Separated by a vigorously enforced "six inch" rule, the boys and girls must eat at separate tables and attend separate classes.
All sweets are confiscated and modern toiletries, including deodorant, forbidden.

As well as receiving an average of 40 hours of lessons a week (they are accustomed to 28), the pupils have to contend with 1950s-style punishments and traditional school dinners, partake in debating societies and treat their teachers with an unaccustomed level of respect.

That'll Test 'Em , a studio-based general knowledge quiz that pits the That'll Teach 'Em kids against their parents, is aired on More4 directly after the show.

Dirs: Dominic Stobart, Tom Coveney, Anna Davies, Katie Crawford;
Series Prod: Ludo Graham;
Prod Co: Twenty Twenty Television

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