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The second episode of That'll Teach 'em Boys Versus Girls to be shown on Channel 4 on Tuesday the 11th April 2006 at 9pm.

The school gates re-open for the third series of BAFTA-nominated That'll Teach 'Em , and this time it's boys versus girls as 30 bright children are transported back to a 1950s grammar school and divided into single-sex classes.

Britain's boys are failing at school, lagging behind the girls in their GCSEs by up to 10%.
Could a dose of traditional single-sex education buck the trend?

In 1950s science classes the emphasis was on learning through doing, but in modern schools the balance has shifted to textbooks and coursework.

Can dissecting a pig's eyeball spark the boys' enthusiasm?
And how do the girls react to this gory physical experiment?
And can the girls cope with compulsory daily physical education?

Today's children face a maximum of two hours a week PE and the emphasis is on co-operation rather than competition. In the 50s, compulsory competitive sport was seen as character-building, with up to 17 hours a week.

Some of the pupils also learn first-hand how 1950s discipline worked, when the boys make the mistake of expressing their hitherto suppressed individuality by singing after lights-out, and two of the girls escape from their dorm and head for the boys' room...

A surprise choice of head girl prompts a belated confession; and there's tears, disappointment and realisation on Sunday as letters arrive from loved ones and the children write back; many for the first time.

That'll Test 'Em , a studio-based general knowledge quiz that pits the That'll Teach 'Em kids against their parents, is aired on More4 directly after the show.

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