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Welcome message from Head Boy Rob Hudson

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The boys at Charles Darwin Grammar School Pages

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The Staff of the third series of That'll Teach 'em

Background to the series including the press release.

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The Charles Darwin Grammar School Photograph

That ll Test em
That'll Test 'em the spin off show for More 4

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  • That'll Teach 'Em :Boys versus Girls

    Yes!! It is back for a third and probably final series.

    Headmaster Simon Warr

    The third Channel 4 series of That'll Teach 'em returns to the 1950's for a second time.

    For this series the fictional school is called the Charles Darwin Grammar School. For this series the location was moved from The Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe to a new location in Ipswich.

    The third series tackles two issues this time. Firstly it studies whether single sex classes (hence the Boys versus Girls title) are better than mixed classes.

     Today boys are falling further and further behind girls in today's exam tables! Will the single sex classes improve the boys education or will the girls open the gap further?

    Science ExperimentsThe second issue is the current lack of interest in the sciences!

    Is it because of health and safety stopping the more  practical approach to teaching? This series has thrills, spills and explosions in the science lab. 

    With a practical, 1950's education imposed, competition runs high between the boys and girls.

    One familiar face missing from the staff for this series is Mr. Austin Vince who was taking a summer off. (Rumour has it to get married).

    Matron Pat Crowe However Pat Crowe returns again as the very strict Matron to care for the pupils. The one member of staff that has appeared in all three series.

    Simon Warr, the Latin teacher from the first series, returns in this third series as The Headmaster of Charles Darwin Grammar School.

    Headboy of the Third Series Welcome Message Click Here

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