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Third Series:Related Links
Related Links


Channel 4 Third Series Website
The official Channel 4 website for the third series of That'll Teach 'Em which will go live when the first Episode is shown or shortly before.

Twenty Twenty Television
The production company behind That'll Teach 'Em . They are also famous for series like Lads Army, Wakey Wakey Campers and Brat camp.

Oxford Mail
An article in the Oxford mail about Emily Williams ......found out the hard way what it was like to be a 1950s' schoolgirl when she took part in a TV series, That'll Teach 'Em.......

The Telegraph
All-boy classes cut exam result gender gap in half. Boys taught using traditional methods in single sex classes have cut the achievement gap in exam results compared to girls by half, a television documentary based in a 1950s-style boarding school .........


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