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About Headmaster Simon Warr.

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    Simon Warr as headmasterSimon Warr currently teaches at the Royal Hospital School in Ipswich.
    He is a languages teacher and head of drama at the school. He also is very involved with sport as well.

    He actually taught 'O' levels until 1987 so is quite familiar with this old style of teaching.

    His trademark put-down during the first series of That'll teach 'em was: "Consider yourself repudiated!"

    He is very passionate about his drama and pro Thatcher as pupils from the first series recount. He was the weekend housemaster of the first series and took the responsibility very seriously. He told them he behaved much the same in his current school. He would not tolerate talking after lights out and would make pupils stand with their noses against the wall for punishment.

    Besides appearing in the first and third series of That'll Teach 'em he has also appeared in  'The Nightmares Next Door' as  "The Bossy Busybody", a residents association chairman with a thing about rubbish in the street. His neighbour kindly informed us on the programme that "Simon's worst nightmare would be people who are loud, slovenly, and inefficient".

    Rumours on the net also say that he was caught on camera on Top of the Pops when Bros were singing "when will i be famous" (way back in time ) and has also been rumoured to have appeared on Noel's House Party some years ago impersonating Gary Glitter.

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