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The Staff of the third series of That'll Teach 'em
About Headmaster Simon Warr.

Dr. Wilde
Dr. Wilde gives us his take on being a staff member.

Matron's Pages take a look!

Mr. Williams
Some background details

Dr. Szydlo
The chemistry teacher who likes explosions.

Mr. Stanley
About music teacher Mr. Stanley

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The Staff of Series 3 of That'll Teach 'em
Boys V Girls

The Staffroom for Series 3 of That'll teach 'em Boys versus Girls.

Headmaster: This time played by Simon Warr. Besides his duties as Headmaster he taught The Classics.

Matron: Returning once more for the Third series is the familiar face of Pat Crowe.

Deputy Head: Mr. James Williams took on this role as well as being Housemaster for the boys and he taught Biology.
(pictured left)

Chemistry: Dr. Andrew Szydlo 
(pictured center)

Physics:  Dr. Peter Wilde.
(pictured right)


Physical Education: Mr. Tomms took the boys for P.E. while Miss. Bryant took the girls.

English: For this subject Miss. Gibson from the second series returned again.

Mathematics: Miss Carter who was also Housemistress for the girls.

Music: Mr. Stanley

Also Mrs. Turner took on the role of Laboratory Assistant and Simon Rockell took time out from producing Wakey Wakey Campers to teach a couple of History lessons.

 In the top picture left to right Mr. Stanley, Dr. Wilde, Dr. Szydlo, Mr. Williams, 
Mr. Warr, Miss Bryant, Miss Gibson, Mrs. Turner, Miss Carter and Mrs. Crowe.


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