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Staff Party
Matron and the staff of That'll Teach 'em Series 3 gather to watch the premiere.

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Well I have read all of the website and thought I too should contribute.

Firstly most of you did change in those 4 weeks even fractionally and mostly for the good.
Secondly, you should, if you are mature enough realise that the staff were in a 1950s role as requested by the producers. Seeing comments like "Matron disliked me" just makes me smile and think I excelled in my acting role as I was there to care for the pupils not to be popular!

I set myself a target to get you all organised in 7 days...could your mothers do that with 30 kids?
I doubt it!
To me it was important that your laundry was done and you got enough to eat, that you coped with homesickness, and even more so that you stayed at the school as so many of you wanted to go home at some time over the 4 weeks. 
Those who left will tell you if they are honest that they regretted their decision as soon as they left. I think the reason for this was because everyone was in the same boat and bonded well the really weak ones just gave up which is so sad.

You will notice that I did not leave the school at all during filming because it is important to me that one person was there who knows how things are run and gives continuity to the kids in a home setting.
I do not expect you all to understand this completely. 
What I will tell you is that on the whole the staff were very proud of you, were often surprised by you and occasionally disappointed by the odd pupil. 
That said one thing you should never forget is that ...ITS JUST TELLY!.

So much happened behind the scenes to make sure that you were looked after and watched for sadness.
I told you at some point that your lives would never be the same again.
I suspect you all thought I meant that you would become famous... sadly not. 
I meant that no matter when or what time in your life you will see something, hear something or do something that will remind you only of the happy times in the summer of 2005

I will raise a glass to you on Tuesday 4th April..You will not be dissappointed by what you see...this one is the best, and its mostly down to you .

Good Luck to all of you...You were PURE JOY to work with.


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