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Mr. James Williams Housemaster and Biology teacher

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Mr. Williams
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  • Mr. James Williams

    Mr James Williams Biology teacherJames Williams as deputy headmaster, housemaster and biology teacher in the fictional 1950s Charles Darwin Grammar School in the third series of That'll Teach 'em  filmed by Twenty Twenty for Channel 4.

    Mr. Williams is a Lecturer in Education at University of Sussex. He also works as freelance writer and education consultant. He has worked for a number of publishers and is a co-author of the best selling key stage 3 science programme for 11 - 14 year olds, Hodder Science.

    Mr. Williams involvement with the series started when he was asked to advise Twenty Twenty (the production company)  on the history of science teaching.

    Since being involved with the series he has changed his view from being a staunch supporter of GCSE's to questioning whether they actually do test pupils learning properly. For more about this please visit his article in the Times Educational Supplement (link on the left).

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