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That'll Test 'em

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  • That'll Test 'em Pupils Versus Parents

    A spin off quiz show hosted by Jeremy Hardy

    The show follows That'll Teach 'em Boys v Girls on More 4

    Who knows best?    The children or the parents?

    In That'll Test 'em some of the pupils of series 3 of That'll Teach 'em take on their parents in a knowledge quiz show to find out whether the parents education was better than their children's.

    Jeremy Hardy presides

    Comedian Jeremy Hardy presides over the two teams and is assisted by Matron ( Pat Crowe).

    However That'll Test 'Em is much more than just a general knowledge test - there are plenty of quirky facts, practical experiments, blackboard puzzles, supply teachers and even detentions over the ad break.

    Which IS superior; a modern-day GCSE education or the more traditional O' Level curriculum?

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