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The Boys Pages
Rob Hudson
The Head Boy's pages

Will Ho
Will Ho's Web Area

Luke Mills
Luke Mills Web Pages

Scott Peters
Scott Peters TTE pages.

John Kemple
John Kemple's take on TTE

Phil Donald
Phil Donald's Account of CDGS

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This year because of using a new school to film the series the boys were all in one dorm! The dorm was named Beagle Dorm and the boys now know themselves as the Beagle Boys.

The boys Housemaster was Mr. Williams.

The boys were 

  • Qadeer Razaque
  • Hugh Gilroy
  • William Ho
  • Sebastian Jefford
  • Simon Taylor
  • Robert Hudson (Head Boy)
  • James Ingram
  • Phillip Donald
  • Luke Mills
  • John Kemple
  • Scott Peters
  • Chris Hedley
  • Nathan Anidugbe
  • Michael Petkov
  • Gunston (left after 2 days)
  • Joe Seath
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