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Part Two
Page two of Luke Mills Story.

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Hey Y'all, Luke Mills here.

Well I was looking through the teach em' website and we were asked to write bits for the site whatever we wanted really! So I decided to do something that's not so obvious, something that maybe won't come across on the show as much as it was present with the students and one member of staff! 

And so what's this I hear you asking, well it's how amazingly close we all became, how much we bonded as a group sorry girls but especially the lads.

Let me start from the beginning before the show I was a 16 year old, loud mouthed, opinionated, quite rude, uncooperative Scouser, and pretty much all but my age and place of birth (LIVERPOOL) changed!

First day of the show and we were all arriving in little bits and I think I was one of the last to arrive, me my mum and my nan "on that'll test em" and we're walking up this really long path to where a crowd of people was and to be honest I was really nervous I mean shaking. So I see one of the producers and go over and quietly say hello. So she does a small interview and says the rest of the guys are in there. So I walks in and looks around at all these young guys, (who would later become my best of friends!) and I walks over to the last couple of chairs and sits down, still shaking beyond belief. My thought of mind at that time was looking at all of these faces all from different walks of life and I was judging them before I'd even spoken to them, I remember looking at "Seb, Jefford" and thinking oh my god there is no way I will even talk to him and I heard Corrine talking to somebody and I thought me and her will definitely clash, how wrong I was.

So anyways it rolls on and we all are getting searched and my name gets called to be searched and I gets ready to move over but the guys who is searching everyone doesn't notice, so he recalls my name so I stands up and shouts in my best Scouse accent!

"yeah, allrite mate am coming now."

And that's when I heard "oh a Scouser" from a few people besides me and I could lip-read a few other people, Scouser. Now I'm not saying that's a bad thing at all, but it showed me how prejudice I was being towards people because they then instantly judged me on an accent.

So we all goes to move off to wherever getting our uniform I thinks! And I got talking to a couple of people I think it was Kemple, Peters, and Nathan, and that's who I was sitting next to when waiting to get our hair cut, and further more again I realized how I'd prejudged people, I remember thinking I wouldn't talk to Nathan he's too rude boy ghetto London I thought I wouldn't like him, again how the opposite.

Continued ......

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