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Page two of Luke Mills Story.
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So like the first day passes which is just absolutely crazy and I think every boy at least got to talk to every other lad at one time or another, and so I kinda had a picture of everyone's different personalities, and the first night we were all talking much to our downfall thank you Mr. Williams but we were all like just talking about ourselves and things and Scott Peters said to me:

" I was really surprised at you mills, you're well sound and I thought you'd be this big hard boy horrible scouser."

I instantly burst out laughing but everyone seemed to agree being topped off by Simon Taylor who said "yeah, I was actually scared of you at first."

That was it for me, the thing that made me realize not to judge anyone any more. I was a victim of how I victimize people. Everybody judges everybody it's natural but at least that group of 29 other people I wouldn't judge any more.

And the next 4 weeks just worked perfectly because of our different personalities and backgrounds it was so much fun and often we were in hysterics. Ingram making some of the most stupid comments ever which was hilarious, hearing Razak comment on something in the way only he could, hearing Hudson trying to say his own name with his accent, Donald with his antics with chocolate and Taylor the guy who never got angry ever. Me and him shared a bunk which was really quite apt, the hot headed Scouser who always lost his cool and Taylor a ice cold southern.

The show worked so well, but as I said earlier on I speak for the boys the girls however was a different story, with tears and arguing and fighting, but the best story of the girls for me is Corrine and Vicky, who although so completely different how they got on so perfectly, and are still amazing friends to this day.

This is near 8 months on now, but when something happens from time to time I will still go to turn round and say oh Ho, 8 months on. And I am still trying to talk to you all, maybe I'm mental but that'll teach 'em has had a huge effect on me and my life as a whole, it seems everything through life has a relevance to the show and I don't think there is one person who can say they didn't change in the show even Seb however much he didn't want to change, he did.

Oh and back to that member of staff! Matron, of course. She kept us happy in there and always fought out corner, and always wanted the best for us in the show! And her night talks to us always raised a smile. Thanks matron. And she's only half the "Bitch From Hell" as she appears on the show.

I miss you all I really do, and thank you all for being such amazing people, and helping me through the whole thing. And I hope I changed so of your thoughts on me from the start to the end of the show.

Luke Mills

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