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Rob Hudson Head Boy
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About Me! By Rob Hudson - Head Boy

This is my little bit about me and how I got into and survived That'll Teach Em. Well I am 17 and I live in Harden, West Yorkshire (THE BEST COUNTY). My main interest is Horses, well I do like swimming and…….err……oh yeah Horses. That is just a little about me and my basic interests in my normal kind of life.

Well this is the short story of how I got into That'll Teach 'Em. It must have been around mid March and I was at school but being a teenager I was not in registration that afternoon. When my form tutor caught up with me the next day she said there was something on the notice board I might be interested in. I looked at the flyer and, having never heard of That'll Teach 'Em, thought 'That looks cool. I'll apply when I'm in ICT."

So I did just that and then thought nothing more of it. I got a phone call one afternoon from some Londoner telling me she wanted me to go to Manchester and do an audition/interview. This was when I thought letting my Mum know might be a good idea. So me, mum and my baby sister Carys, went to Manchester and did two interviews after which I went home very tired and not particularly optimistic. When Jude (HEY JUDE) rang up again and asked me to go to London I was over the moon just at that idea. Again we did this and a little piece to camera then went home.

About three or four weeks passed and I was at school yet again having a crafty cigarette outside the grounds with my sister. Fate seems to work in funny ways as she was due to go home and mum was just coming down the road to collect her. When I was told I was doing the show I immediately screamed and began jumping all over everyone. Mum was ecstatic as mothers are and then I went back to school. The next few weeks were torture waiting to hear more.

When my day came for filming the intro, the team turned up at 9.00am sharp and we set straight off for the stables. Donna, pony, was a complete saint and tolerated a camera, boom mic, reflector and enormous light being thrusted into her already small enough stable. I rode her at full gallop around the moors for the rest three hours and then was finally told I could go home and eat. However, by the time I had got home after mucking out and locking up the stables I had five minutes to shower, change and eat. The rest of the day passed without incident and the team left around 7.00pm.

Another few weeks passed before we set off at six in the morning to head down to Ipswich. The drive was so long I could have killed myself on the way and after singing 100000 green bottles (yes one hundred thousand) we arrived at St. Joseph's College. I didn't know what to expect and I met everyone once we were in. Phil will always stand out a little more to me because he was the first person I spoke to. Once we were in and my hair had been lopped off (much to my disgust) we were made to sit tests, which were SO HARD.

After three weeks I was ready for home. The TREE POSSE know who they are and I am forever grateful to them for keeping me sane for the slog. The staff were relatively cool and tea and cakes with the headmaster just topped off the whole experience for me. The one thing I found the hardest was trying to keep a tab on anything people were doing wrong to try and save our Tuck and maintain my relationships with the friends I had made whilst I had been there. Oh and on the first Sunday I was the only lad without any letters.

Well I think I have given a relatively short and OK basic overview. Oh the rabbit dissection. HA HA HA. Sorry but I just could not bring myself to cut open a rabbit. Had it not still looked extremely rabbit like I would have maybe had a go but it was scary. Everyone was like 'you live in Yorkshire you hunt rabbits. You should be able to do this.' I do not think this is the case and the poor southerners (lol) are sadly mistaken.

I think that is about it. Oh Ingram / Jim, thanks for telling me where the deodorant and the mints were. TREAT. Unfortunately I'm not sure whether you noticed but Matron caught me with them and took them away.

Love everyone who was there with me to the end and thanks for putting up with the loud 6ft Yorkshireman who was actually a little boring. There are a couple more pictures of me which you can see through the links on the left.

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