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Safe it's the one who never made it here Scott I stayed all the way till 3 days from the end then it was over for me still it was a jokes time. Still thinking bout most of the heads that were in there all my boys we had it up.

Well this is my lil piece bout what I did what else happened all the stuff you might not have seen lol .

Like everyone else I got some flyer at my school (Sedge Hill Secondary School ) bout the show so me and my mates said yeah lets get on it and get kicked off in a few days it will be fun but I was the only one that actually applied and I think the fact that i'm a loud mouth "rude boy " From Catford kind of helped me get in and after this the fun started.

Well when I turned up at the school I was kind of hoping to see Nathan and Emily because well all got on well at the interview but the first person I saw was Seb this long haired crazy looking thing from some strange place and I looked at my dad and said 'what the hell am I doing here' then I heard someone I knew already, Corrine my mate from school and I saw some normal people and some well lets just say different people (Ingram and Mills)

Within 10 minutes of the filming starting me and Nathan were already getting in trouble for saying that the teacher walks like a penguin and from then on it got worse I got in trouble for the first week every day and that's when the fun started I think the only reason I got on the show was to do what I done. I wound the teachers up rotten made Mr Stanley break his piano, that was fun, upset the Sergeant from CCF told Miss Gibson to calm down which just made her worse and all the other stuff I got up to but I think some of the best fun was had in our dorm lol like the invention of take the pain that was fun I still think mine was the best with the toothbrush and everyone walking round with red marks on their heads and I got in trouble for that as well.

Well it was a good 3 weeks of summer spent in a school and I really wanted to leave school at this time as well so it was kind of weird that I done it but we coped all the boys and not forgetting the girls it was ok . But the only down side of it was Matron she hated me from day one.

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