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Francesca Bruce 
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Hi everyone its Chesa, I live in a teeny tiny village in Somerset, well I say teeny tiny, what that means is that it is big in terms of being a village but not big enough to actually be on any map. I applied for that'll teach 'em after having seen the advert when staying with a friend who decided it would be a good challenge for me to apply for the show.
So the following morning I did, with my sister sitting behind me saying "you can't say that, put this instead". So maybe I owe it to my sister that I got as far as I did, well other people are always better at saying what the real you is like.

I came into the whole TTE thing later than the rest as I was called in after one of the original girls left. It was a pretty wicked time that I had after I had got used to the cameras being around all the time and I got to know the others better.

Although two things that I never got used to were the way we were treated like really little kids and also the limitations on showering and hair washing, thank god the other girls told me all about the shampoo substitute that is talcum powder! I don't think I could have coped if they hadn't.

I have to say though I loved getting read to in the evening; I haven't had anyone read a bedtime story to me in ages, that was one aspect of being made to feel younger that didn't bother me for some odd reason.

There are certain things that I won't ever forget for instance Kayleighs snoring and the people I met during my time on that'll teach 'em, and how welcome everyone made me feel when I arrived, as my biggest fear was they would all ignore me because they had all bonded with each other and they didn't want anyone else coming along and joining in.

That'll teach 'em was a really great experience, and let's not forget that girls really are better than boys!

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