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The Girls Pages
Kayleigh Durman
Kayleigh Durman's TTE page.

Francesca Bruce
Francesca Bruce's Web Page

Sam Wyvill
Sam's Take on TTE Boys v Girls

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This year because of using a new school to film the series the girls were all in one dorm the Nightingale Dorm!
The girls Housemistress was Miss Carter.

The girls were 

  • Meng-Yuan Sun
  • Victoria Buxton
  • Ashleigh Walters
  • Corrine Stewart
  • Jessica Boulton
  • Jenny Ritzmann
  • Samantha Wyvill
  • Francesca Bruce
  • Anna Clift
  • Sally Rushton (Head Girl)
  • Rosie Morton
  • Kayliegh Durman
  • Ruby Lally
  • Emily Williams
  • Amy
  • Hollie Dearman
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