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Kayleigh Durman's TTE page.

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Kayleigh Durman
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I'm Kayleigh Durman and I'm proud and honoured to say I was part of That'll Teach 'Em 3!

I will try and keep this brief because once I get started I know it wont stop. I can't really sum up my experience in a few words or even sentences. I was told when I applied that it would be a life changing experience and that it would be tough and they weren't wrong!

The early mornings didn't bother me at all, im used to it with my weekend job and college! I didn't even mind that I would have no privacy and would have to share a bedroom with 14 other girls! By the way girls, Im really sorry for being grumpy every night, I need my beauty sleep, and Im sorry for my apparent snoring!!

I think I was one of the only people who weren't really that homesick, sorry mum! But I really did enjoy pretty much every moment I spent there and if I could do it again, I would!

I got a couple of nicknames that Im aware of whilst I was in there; 'Mummy', 'Salt girl' and 'Somerset Sunflower'! I feel I was the mother figure (other than matron!!!!) who was there when somebody needed a good cry or loving.

Ok, so I was average, not too clever, or pretty or sporty or even funny but I was an all round character who got on with everybody. And I may have written my poem to Hudson, but he was not the 1st guy I fancied! Nothing more to be said on that matter!!

I'd basically like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much to everybody involved in whatever way. Especially matron who I got on with incredibly well and Im sure she loved me, even though she didn't show it. Dr Wilde for sneaking a Mars bar into my pocket on my birthday! The paramedic guy who saved me when my leg went into spasms and just generally everybody!

We were really lucky this year as everybody got on well and we bonded quickly.

My best memories of everybody;

Meng - Setting your coat on fire and not realising!
Vikki - Being so upset when Scott left!
Ashleigh - I will always be your mum babes!
Corrine - I hope you got your rice and peas when you got home!
Jess - I did love my salt! Cheeky!
Jenny - Your guinea pig diaries kept me smiling!
Sam - What did you do when you and Donald went on that walk!?
Anna - Classics! Bloody clever!
Sally - Ok, you stole the boy I fancied but I got over it
Rosie - Shame you didn't make it to the end darling, we missed you.
Ruby - Pepper, that's all I need to say!
Emily - Sorry for putting you through all my snoring!
Amy - My lil limpy! Love ya chick!
Holly - I know I shouldn't have a fav but she was as we met at the 1st audition!

And all the boys! You were all ace and I gota say Darling to Joe cos he said it to me enough!

Right I'll stop now, im going on!

Thank you for reading!


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