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Sam Wyvill pupil in That'll Teach 'em Boys v Girls

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Sam Wyvill
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Hey, I'm Sam from North Yorkshire

I applied for That'll Teach 'Em about April time last year for a bit of fun and just to see what happened, next thing I knew I had been offered a place!
I had been in Australia for 3 weeks at the start of summer and therefore left little time to even think about the programme. I arrived on the day with my family and was very excited, after getting searched we got sent for our uniform. A month away from home was challenging as I had no makeup or straighteners. Tho cos of my great hiding place that I think Amy found I managed to keep deodorant and a razer the whole month!!!! How good is that cos Matron did have one hell of a beady eye!

Well what can I say a beautiful long grey pinafore, and blazer which smelt of wet dog! The bad thing was it took me ages to get dressed into it! And was far different from my usual jeans or skirt.

If I wasn't being woken up by chatting or dorm fights it was usually Matron coming in shouting to get up. I hated it! I can't get up that quick and make a bed perfectly in no time! My bed as said by Matron was like the
HIMALAYAS!! O well a learnt eventually!

Well the food was ok…. Other than the kippers. I could cope with the spam and most of the other stuff and felt like I put on about half a stone!
After being made to do many things like sing and be humiliated with my start of term results life was pretty weird.

The science lessons were mental….. The dissection and bladders were not my fave thing but certainly made things far more interesting! And Dr Szydlo and his chemicals what a mentalist!! Though I cant remember laughing so much in a lesson than with him!

Some how I managed to get into trouble a lot with teachers and Matron very quickly… probs cos I am a bit cheeky but o well. , if I wasn't cleaning the toilets or in detention I spent most of my time talking to Phil and everyone else. The punishments were let's say interesting…. The have very weird ways of making you concentrate and physical punishments were the fave for the teachers… a 6.00am start running around a field did not go down too well.

Now that was ridiculous!! skipping… I AM NOT 5 and prancing around with ribbons.. Tho I have to admit it was actually quite fun feeling like kids again.

God it was hard.. I felt so thick even though I was in A set for GCSE.. Learning all about clauses and random maths stuff was hard and I gave up in the end… as my O-level results show!

I thought I would hate it! But it was gd, I wouldn't keep it up in school but it was good to know then.

Now that was sooo funny… conducting and singing.. Kayleigh's go at conducting was the funniest thing eva! And I still refuse to sing in front of others!

This rule was pretty crap.. And lets face it everyone broke the rule.. I wasn't too bad, but spending so much time with girls made it impossible not to be with the lads.

All I'm going to say is… us girls kicked ass…. With everything!!! When we won it was the best feeling eva even if the making of our project did result in many arguments between us lot.

I made great mates! Ill never forget Jess and her milk, Ruby and her pepper and dinosaur noises, Vicki and her massages.. Corrine and her chats and lets face it I miss everyone! I learnt a lot about everyone and myself. Everyone was so great and I actually miss waking up without a bunch of girls around me even if dorm wars did occur. The pillow fights hehe and telling Jenny to go get some ****.

I could go on and on about my time at Charles Darwin and I still am remembering all sorts now 8 months on, I'm sure the programme will bring back a lot of memories, good and bad! But I know its and experience I will never forget the teachers and my great mates!!!


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