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Welcome to Charles Darwin Grammar School!
(by Rob Hudson - Head Boy)

Welcome to the pupils site for the Channel 4 series That'll Teach 'Em Boys Versus Girls. This is the third series of this nature and has proved a very popular choice of viewing for many people.

Some of the Charles Darwin PupilsIn August 2005, 30 young people all aged around 16 went back in time to the fictional Charles Darwin Grammar School a 1950's style boarding school in Ipswich. There were 15 boys and 15 girls and we were all taught in single sex classes. There was not one single perk I can think of in the entire time we were locked up in our little world being followed by camera crews. The following statement is taken from a conversation with one of the boys whilst sitting on the field one lunchtime:

"Seriously if the camera's weren't here you would think you had been drugged and sent back in time."

This statement rings true as there was not one thing about the style of teaching or the amount of lessons we had to endure that made the thing feel modern. The teachers all dressed very appropriately and they did not let us wash more than three times a week which was described to me as 'ample'. Of course I managed to avoid serving the table in the dining room more than once because this was apparently one of my privileges.

One thing I would like to say to everyone who managed to endure the entire thing (with the exception of Scott who went out with a bit of a bang LOL) is just a single word and will send shivers down the spine of all who ate in that room: WASPS.
(you know what I'm saying)

What was the summer like?

The summer we spent in our experience was certainly an 'interesting' one. There were many things which you had to get used to such as the fact that the boys smelled so bad the girls didn't really like coming near us. The six inch rule with which none of the boys were allowed to go within six inches of the girls and vice versa was torture for some. I do know, however, of one case where this rule was not upheld and the two people who finally managed to escape from the cameras for that few seconds know exactly who they are. Don't you?

Anyway. Overall the summer was a very good experience. The way I look at it is, when we were in there all we felt was homesick and that the thing was never going to end. When the last day came we all looked back and wondered where the four weeks had gone. Now that I look back at it from the 'safety' of today I think about all the fun I had and all the amazing and friendly people I met when I was in there. The TREE POSSE especially. They again know who they are. For me the whole thing was a hoot and I loved it all and all the people I met there.

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